About Denis

denis working2

Denis Green is known as the Mystery Man of the Mountains, living and working in Cripple Creek, Colorado.  Denis was involved in a mining accident in 1984 which left him unable to work.  Soon after, he and his wife separated and divorced.

He thought he had lost everything.  The real test came, however, when his house burned to the ground leaving him with only the clothes he was wearing, and an extra shirt, towel, and $15. Denis was embarrassed about being poor and homeless and shied away from talking to even his closest friends.

Denis in studio-2Having some previous experience in the jewelry industry, he started with his $15 making custom orders. Word about his jewelry spread and soon the number of requests grew and so did his number of orders.

Through perseverance and his strong Christian faith, and the need to provide for his daughter as a single parent, his jewelry is now found all over the world.

He still stays to himself and works around his ranch in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. He very rarely makes appearances in person, thus the locals labelled him “The Mystery Man of the Mountains“. Denis’ brass and silver jewelry is unique, at times unusual, and simply accents a lady’s natural beauty. Denis is not trendy, but stays with his own designs.

He has been known to say, “I don’t follow fashion, I create it”.

Mystery Man of the Mountains