Victorian Deco Nouveau Collection

Elegant designs from the past, our Victorian Deco Nuevo Collection features earrings with the grace and charm of a bygone era.

Fantasy Collection

Our Fantasy Collection is brimming with earthy designs. Featuring suns, moons, stars, dragons and other designs that will bring out the enchantress in you.

Filigree Collection

Refined with exquisite detail, our Filigree Collection earrings feature delicate designs you will turn to time and time again.

Novelty Collection

This modern and eclectic collection is a carefully curated collection offering stylish earrings with a quirky twist to bring out your own unique style.

Nature Collection

Earrings from this whimsical and lighthearted collection will be sure to brighten your day every time you wear them with fun florals, adorable animals, and more.

Religious Collection

Meaningful inspiration jewelry. This lovely collection is a beautiful expression of faith and trust in God. Christian and Hebrew styled earrings.

Sterling Silver

A collection of fine sterling silver earrings and silver dollar necklaces.

Handcrafted in USA

Denis Green is known as the Mystery Man of the Mountains, living and working in Cripple Creek, Colorado.  In 1984, he was involved in a mining accident, which left him unable to work.  Soon after, he and his wife separated and divorced. He thought he had lost everything…

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Brass is an alloy, containing copper and zinc.  As far back as 500 BC scientists have found evidence of brass. They feel brass was discovered accidentally when copper ore contained some zinc. The higher the percentage of zinc in brass, the stronger and harder the brass becomes.

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